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(no subject) [Jan. 26th, 2006|10:04 pm]
[Now I am soo0o0o0o |blahblah]

Well today I got a new cell phone. Yes, its pretty hot. If you want my number just ask...or don't...see if I give a fuck.


I can tell this semister is going to suck. I have BasQUEER..enough said. But on the flip side...no more crawford!!!
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2006|10:51 pm]
[Now I am soo0o0o0o |depresseddepressed]

Haven't written in a while. If anyone really cares, here comes another pointless entry.

Work sucks. Ella is quitting and that makes me so upset. I'm gonna miss that girl.

My brother is gone. He is in alambama or whatever. Holly and him are getting married soon, so she will be leaving me as well.

Everyone I care about is fucking leaving me. I'm not gonna have anyone left...

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Haha [Dec. 14th, 2005|10:28 pm]
[Now I am soo0o0o0o |ditzyditzy]

Eww so today really sucks and my brother is coming home in 5 days!!! I hope his flight doesn't get cancelled due to bad weather (snowy shit)

Work was hilarous!!! I finally got a damn break from drive-through and was put on front line. YESSS. Anywhom I went to make a McFlurry for christina and while I was doing that the bottom of the cup broke open and ice cream went everywhere and all over my clothes and the walls and floor and shit, it was hilarous and Sharron and Christina couldn't stop laughing at me!!!

And ewww...welte listens to marilyn manson? That shits nasty!!! Its enough to make him turn holy!!!

Anywhom, good night everyone =)
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Wtf [Dec. 7th, 2005|09:26 pm]
[Now I am soo0o0o0o |amusedamused]

Reasons why today sucks:

-I'm bored
-Work sucks
-School sucks
-Kerri ripped up my picture of Marilyn manson
-I can't get my locker open (still can't!!)
-Some retard keeps leaving annoying pointless comments on my LJ (you know who you are)

Thats basically it.
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ummm [Dec. 3rd, 2005|08:12 pm]
[Now I am soo0o0o0o |dorkydorky]

ooo!! So I only ended up failing crawfords class with a 64....Go me!!! Yeah on my report card I tried to change the 6 to and 8 so that it would be an 84. I think I did a damn good job of that, but my mom didn't believe it, lol.
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Hey [Nov. 22nd, 2005|08:01 pm]
[Now I am soo0o0o0o |aggravatedaggravated]

I came so close to quitting my job tonight. People get on my nerves. I fucking hate them.

In other news I'm failing like 2 classes but who gives a shit anyway.

I get to see my brother on thursday in South carolina which is a nice escape from the shitty/snowey weather up here.

Oh yeah and Holly took me to see Saw 2 last night. It was pretty much the same concept as the first one, but wtfever.

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Worst day ever [Nov. 11th, 2005|05:38 pm]
[Now I am soo0o0o0o |depresseddepressed]

No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get the subject of Jake off my mind. I just hope this is my last entry about him because I can't even look at my LJ anymore without becoming depressed. His funeral was today, so I missed most of the school day. It was too sad...I don't want to talk about it =(

Its always hard to say goodbye. I can't even go into the freaking school libray anymore because thats the last place ever I saw him alive. I just hate to have to go in there...it brings up so many strong emotions. And that song he played at the talent show...I just can't get it out of my head. "Wish you were here" by Pink Floyd. I'll never be able to listen to that song again without thinking about Jake. Its his song now.

And I still can't believe he is gone...I'm never going to see him again. The kid that we all knew and loved...the one so full of life is gone. And if I had only known he had felt so bad I could have tried to help him...or stop him from committing suicide. But Noooo....

And a part of me is kind of mad at him. How could he do this to everyone?!!! But mostly I'm just sad. He was such a great person and he was loved by so many people. Its really hard to deal with the fact that hes never coming back.

He is gone...forever. And there is nothing I can do.

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Read it. Subjects are gay. [Nov. 7th, 2005|04:00 pm]
[Now I am soo0o0o0o |sadsad]

Today was a very sad day here at Smithsburg high.

He seemed like he was a happy person...he didn't seem like the kind of guy who would kill himself.

Well anyways due to this...thing...in health today we talked about how suicide is bad and you and how you should get help and shit BLAH BLAH BLAH. And there were a lot of people crying. Wow...even Mr. Getz cryed.

Shit..I don't really want to talk about this....no seriously man..I can't take any more people dying!!!

R.I.P. Jake Dowling

School is gonna suck tomorrow...


Anyway, on to more happy news. I got a 94% on my latin test today...Yeah

And my brother comes home next month Yay

Forgive my lack of enthusiasm
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Weekend [Nov. 5th, 2005|09:52 pm]
[Now I am soo0o0o0o |draineddrained]

Just a quick update. I don't want to spend too much time on this if I don't have to.

Friday was a lot of fun. Had a latin quiz I thought I was going to fail. But I didn't. I got a 100%. I felt smart. After school I went to the store. Saw my friend, Chris there. People kept laughing at him cause of the way he was dressed cause hes really gothic. How rude right.

Anyway I came home and didn't do shit for a while then Chris came over at like 9:30 lol and we went outside and he showed me his car...then I showed him my car. We compared the sizes of our speakers and sterio systems...haha were dumb. Then after like an hour he left to go pick up his gf from work so I went inside and did nothing again, haha.

And at like midnight I went to this lock-in thingy at this one thearter that Angie had told me about. It was fun, I saw like tons of people from school there and of course my Angie and Victoria dears. It was cool cause we watched The legend of Zoro or wtfever and chicken little. I can't tell you much about the Zoro movie because I fell asleep through most of it, but chicken little was really gay. Anyway this thing ended at like 7:00 a.m. and I was REALLY tired so I went home and went to bed and I have been sleeping most the day. Oh well.

Tomorrow is sunday and I fricking HATE sunday...its like so boring and stuff.
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God damn it [Oct. 30th, 2005|10:20 pm]
[Now I am soo0o0o0o |draineddrained]

Shits over. Finally. No more cold-ass football games. No more walking down the hill everyday to practice, because I am extremely lazy. No more uniforms that are IMPOSSIBLE to get on unless you have the help of at least 3 other people.

Now we can play music and do shit indoors cause the football season is over bitches.

Besides...I work better indoors when I am not exposed to sub freezing temperatures. I think we all do.

Well enough of that. I don't feel good. I am tired. I think I am going to go lay down in my room and listen to some music...yeah. Maybe some Alexisonfire, or A7x or something...


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